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Philip Taylor "PT Money" and Joe Saul-Sehy interview content marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and exciting people making waves in personal finance and investing media. This show is presented by FinCon Expo, where money and media meet.

Apr 22, 2019

Freelancing can be a dream job. But what makes it that way?

Robert Farrington of The College Investor understands the world of freelancing from both sides. With The College Investor celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Farrington knows a thing or two about freelance work.

Robert worked as a freelancer himself, and he’s also hired over 30 freelancers as a business owner. He stopped by to share freelancer tips on how to get paid, how not to get fired, and everything in between.

Plus, he’s got a plan for brands and companies who hire freelancers that lets them maximize their ROI while treating freelancers well, too.

Also in this episode, Bethany Bayless visits StacksHouse in LA and interviews its founder and FinCon alum, Farnoosh Torabi.

Stacks House is a massive Instagram museum for financial empowerment filled with 11,000 square feet of selfie-worthy exhibits like Debt Boxing, Retirement Rodeo, Stacks Salon, Gold Bar, and Money Moves Room.

Stacks House will be open in Los Angeles for only 5 weeks, April 17-May 19. Reserve your ticket using the code FINCONstacksLA for a 15% discount on tickets.