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Philip Taylor "PT Money" and Joe Saul-Sehy interview content marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and exciting people making waves in personal finance and investing media. This show is presented by FinCon Expo, where money and media meet.

May 14, 2018

Grant Sabatier credits his success to focusing all his content through the lens of his mission: Financial independence for all. He looks at his website as a platform, not a blog, and will only working with companies that align with his mission. gets more than 300,000 visits on a monthly basis. He says what makes a blog post great is by sharing stories of where the blogger failed, made a mistake or what makes them scared.

More notes from this interview with Grant Sabatier:

• Start thinking about SEO after you have figured out what your story is
• New bloggers should be posting 2-3 times a week
• It took him about 70,000 words to get to the point where he didn’t have to “think about the writing” any more
• When you look at the actual top 100 ranking factors, #1 is quality of backlink

Grant also shares the story of how he began working with Vicki Robin, co-author of the classic Your Money or Your Life.

Links from this episode:

Grant's book will be coming out January 2019: "All the Money You’ll Ever Need"


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