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Philip Taylor "PT Money" and Joe Saul-Sehy interview content marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and exciting people making waves in personal finance and investing media. This show is presented by FinCon Expo, where money and media meet.

Feb 19, 2016

Eric Nisall from and Jessica Garbarino from share their 5 biggest takeaways from FinCons past, including the actual lessons learned and how they've applied them).

Plus PT makes a HUGE announcement about our first keynote speaker for FinCon '16 in San Diego.

It's a great episode...

Feb 1, 2016

Mr. Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn joins us in a discussion on product testing. Why waste time on something nobody wants?

On the topic of avoiding time wasters, PT and Joe tackle a recent article by Laura Vanderkam on designing the perfect 40 hour work week. We're tackling time management on today's show!

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