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Philip Taylor "PT Money" and Joe Saul-Sehy interview content marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and exciting people making waves in personal finance and investing media. This show is presented by FinCon Expo, where money and media meet.

Mar 23, 2018

One last set of interviews with podcasters from Podfest, but this time we focus on re-purposing your content with YouTube and when is it okay to change format?

Roberto Blake talks about:

  • How to take your podcast to YouTube
  • Adding a nice intro bumper to side-by-side video recordings of your podcast interviews
  • YouTube...

Mar 15, 2018

What will your podcast look like after 3-5 years?

Elle Martinez from Couple Money shares how she is now monetizing more than her podcast. She's monetizing her brand with a book, video and courses.

Joe Saul-Sehy talks about the one thing he WISHED he would have started sooner for Stacking Benjamins and what happened when...

Mar 8, 2018

How can your podcast make money? There are quite a few ways, but these newbie podcasters share their ideas with Philip Taylor after attending PodFest - a conference for podcasters who want to grow their brand and audience and maximize their income.

You’ll hear from Tyler Philbrook, Alex Mason and Lindsey Lawless about...

Mar 1, 2018

Jason Steele has made a living - a GOOD living - as a freelance writer.

Jason sits down with Philip Taylor in this exclusive interview at Affiliate Summit where he shares:

  • How he can charge a higher rate than many other freelance writers
  • How he’s able to be a highly sought-after writer - even without a social media...